Today is International Women’s Day, a tradition that began in the year 1908. This global celebration marks the social, political, economic, and cultural achievements of all women all over the world. In short, the life of every woman is celebrated on this day and why not? After all, all women are epitome of life and their individual contribution to every society is immense.

Be it a patriarchal or a matriarchal society, it is the women who can mould themselves to any role that is expected out of them. From a home-maker to a world leader a woman can be anything and anyone she wants to be, and that is what makes every woman unique and special on their own. Women are warriors who specialises in fighting the odds, increasing the level of tolerance, and raising the hope for humanity without using any form of physical violence.

To solute this spirit of womanhood here is a video dedicated to all the women all over the world.

Video Courtesy: FunkyFlunky

Happy Women’s Day to all the ladies out there.