Is kahani ke sabhi patra evam ghatnaye kalpanik NAHI hai.

There is a shop in Bengaluru that totally runs on customers’ trust. At the Trust Shop, there is no storekeeper, salesman, cash machine or CCTV camera to keep an eye on the customers or to assist them in any manner. The customers can walk in, pick their choice of groceries from a refrigerator that keeps sachets of dosa and idli batter, wheat chapatti, and Malabar parottas then drop cash on a piggy bank looking box and leave with their goods. In short, this is a self-running shop that operates on the trust of the customers.

Interestingly, the customers can pay, not pay, or pay whenever they want to at the Trust Shop.

The Trust Shop is a new concept brought in by the founder of iD Foods, PC Mustafa and at present the city has 17 such shops in different public places. 12 of these shops are in residential localities and rest 5 are in KPMG branch offices. The shop is basically a fridge that contains breakfast and lunch options for Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala.

About this concept and its execution, PC Mustafa, told the Times Of India that,

When we went to apartment associations with this concept, there was skepticism and disbelief. But post installation, residents have taken to it and given us positive feedback on how the Trust Shop is a reminder of a value that seems to have been lost in today’s world. It’s also convenient since they have 24×7 access to fresh food.

And, about the payment for goods in these unmanned shop Mustafa said,

Most consumers pay for what they pick up. In some apartments, collection is as high as 90% and on some days, it is over 100%. Some associations have taken it up as a challenge to ensure 100% payment. It is such a positive feeling within the apartment community and in the iD team.

The goods in these shops are replaced on a daily basis and for residents of the shop locations and working professional it has proved to be a blessing.

As this pilot project in Bengaluru has proven to be a success, soon Chennai, Hyderabad, and Mumbai will get their own Trust Shops.

Story Inputs: The Times Of India