Ever wondered what happens to us, to our lives, to our thoughts once we die? Do we go straight to heaven or hell? Or, do we get to make a choice? Or, do we get a chance to know about everything that we wanted to know? There are various theories and thoughts as well as scientific beliefs about what happens after death. From reincarnation to 7 minutes of memory flashback to walking towards a white light, there are endless speculations about what happens when the heart stops beating, literally.

Michael Goode and Daniel Lissing exactly try to show what happens after death in their award winning short movie, The Answers. Till now it has won prestigious awards including, Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2015, USA Film Festival 2015, Best of International Shorts Festival 2015, Destiny City Film Festival 2015, and others.

This hard-hitting 7 minutes movie will make you realise the value of life and how each and every moment is important.

Video Courtesy: Storyforces