The Secret is a book written by Rhonda Byrne about how powerful our thoughts and feelings can be in the realization of our dreams. This book has hit the market by storm and has inspired millions of people but on the other hand, has also stirred critics to question the book’s claim for success.

A lot of people would ask if indeed what the author claims to be true, can be manifest and become a reality. We may not have realized it until we have read the book, but surely our thoughts and feelings can be our means of achieving what we want.

You may have experienced it if you’re on the brim of success but suddenly you doubted, even for a split second, that success would easily slip out of your hands.

This doubt is among our limiting beliefs. Although these beliefs were not directly discussed in The Secret, these are the factors that inhibit us to manifest our dreams.

As clearly and repetitively mentioned in the book, sustained thoughts of success emit a frequency to the universe and in response, the whole universe moves as one in alignment to the signal you emanated.

Wealth, relationships and health are among the areas where success is continuously bought after.

The Secret teachers us how to monitor our thoughts through our feelings.

It is said that in a minute, we have thousands of thoughts that are endless, even during sleep.

Monitoring them may be difficult but through the use of our feelings, we can clearly identify that the thoughts we are having are either negative or positive.

To attain our dreams, positive feelings should be rich in our minds to emit a positive power to the universe for the manifestation of our dreams.

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Source by M Partinoe