Can you imagine a life without your mother?

Impossible or at least hard for everyone, apart from those who do not have a choice. Meet adorable Joss, an orphan orangutan. She was kept as pet for around two years and now rescued by International Animal Rescue (IAR). Her distressing past has left a deep impact on her psychology which has led to developing distressing coping behaviour, like hugging herself to feel the comfort of her mother and banging her head in wall.

IAR vet, Jaclyn Eng, has this to say about Joss, “Joss’ life up until now must have been very traumatic and stressful for her to behave in this abnormal way. Animals usually develop stereotypical behaviour as a coping mechanism in response to a stressful situation. Our team has never seen such a young baby orangutan exhibiting stereotypical behaviour like this. It is extremely distressing to watch because it must reflect the mental and emotional trauma little Joss is suffering.”

Right now, Joss is under constant supervision, and she has to be distracted to make her forget about her pain and suffering.

The organisation has released this video of Joss that is plain heart-breaking.

Video Courtesy: International Animal Rescue IAR

May Joss recover soon!!