One of the important aspects of our life is the motivation; we tend to lose our energy for many reasons quickly. Lack of energy diminishes efficiency, affects productivity, creates frustration, develops stress, makes you short temperature and ends up with depression; all these affect both personal & professional life.

So, what is a motivation?

Motivation is a force which drives a character to overcome conflicts or is a set of forces that cause people to be in a certain way.

Why Motivation?

I’ve specified answer for this in the start of the article, anyway we need to be motivated to consistently perform well at work, develop a better relationship with parents, siblings, friends, wife etc.

How can we be motivated?

I can not answer this question specifically because motivation differs from person to person. What motivates one person may only make another person angry. So, we have to understand what makes us motivated & do things that make us motivated. If you are a good reader read biographies of personalities who have made it big, watch our inspiring & stimulating songs/movies. Always be optimistic, move with positive minded people.

You can make your hobbies in doing stimulating things. I made a New Year resolution to collect 365 motivational quotes for this year & I make it a point that I find one new motivational quote a day. Wake up & read one stimulating quote before even brushing your teeth. I wake up by reading these quotes daily

a. Fortune favors the bold

b. Failure is not the end of the road, but victory postponed

c. Success does not come to you, you go it

d. The road to success is lined with many tempting parking spaces

This psychologically helps me to stay motivated the whole day.

Another important factor for motivation is to lead a disciplined life. Life discipline matters a lot of motivation, following things will help you to raise your energy & keeps you motivated,

1. Have a good Sleep – human body needs 6 hours of rest & that too in the night.

2. Eat at regular intervals – Do not skip breakfast, lunch & dinner. Overeating leads to obesity & stress.

3. Humor – Humor is the best medicine to reduce stress & helps you to maintain you motivated.

4. Exercise – Regular exercise makes body & mind fit.

5. Stop Over Working – Overworking makes mind tires & over long run brain stops working. It even affects your health.

All these 5 points help you reduce stress & improve motivation. Lots of accidents have happened when people where are exercise & on sleep. So when we reduce stress, automatically our motivation level goes up.

Source by Anand Natraj