Everyone has dreams and wishes that they want to come true. Yet, individuals let fear of failure, circumstances or fear of some other kind limit their vision. We often chase our dreams, strive whole heartedly, then get nervous, and then leave it midway assuming, this was not meant to be. But, Russia’s 15-year-old Alexei Romanov is one such fine gentleman who did something spectacular for his age.

Alex always had an inclination towards classical music, but since he was fingerless, he never thought of pursuing it further. Typically, he procrastinated for a bit but then decided to give it a shot. And the internet is happy he did.

Alex began with simple tunes like Jingle Bells before moving to complex tunes. Lately, he has also started studying music notation and other technicalities.

Here is a video of Alex playing River Flows In You from Twilight and it is unbelievably good.

Video Courtesy: Сергей Дубров

Nothing can stop you when you truly love something.