Everyone says laughing is the best medicine for everything, but when daily life and its innumerable complications take its toll we often forget the power of good laughter. We simply forget that any problem, obstacle, criticism, hardship can be overcome with a good laugh. What can not be achieved with a straight face can be conquered with a contorted face. A laugh can mean anything and everything; it means happiness, contentment, carefree nature, not afraid to showing bad teeth, not bothered about anyone around, and that you know how to piss haters with the most adorable weapon.

A good laugh is also a reassurance that no matter how things feel or looks at the moment, there is still a silver lining, or that nothing can pull-down your spirit of life and how to live it. In short, laughing is as important as living your live completely and whole-heartedly.

If you unsure about how to do it right, then here are some adorable animals with a laughing face teaching you that best of life comes with a good laugh.

Laugh like no one's watchingA Laughing Matter
Laughing sheepLion laughing at me
Laughing GorillaLion Laughs
Laughing LlamaThe Laughing Fox
CuñaaaaaaaoLaughing at me?
Laughing in the sun:-)Laughing Caribou
Seal - Donna NookLaughing Lion - 1
Can't stop laughing...
Adorable beyond imagination.

Images Courtesy: Flickr