Someone said that in this life you meet with two types of people: destiny connectors and destination hijackers. Have you ever wondered the kind of impact you leave in people’s lives? The statements, the actions – are you somebody’s destiny connector or destiny hijacker? This article will help you become someone’s destiny connector or continue being one and better still, be your own destiny connector.

Vehicles are driven by fuel, machines by power and animals by food. But what really drives people? The greatest mistake many people make is accepting to be controlled by their respective environments, which their skills do not match but find themselves in such situations in one way or the other. Their skills are then wasted and they find life quite difficult, and end up frustrated – in some, it’s visible while in others it’s not. Some may not even know it through deep within them, something is locked and is a constant struggle to break free. An example is a student talented in football but the prevailing conditions force him into academics. It’s not that he will not succeed or that he will needlessly feel out of place, but there is an innate feeling of satisfaction and extreme joy that flows in him whenever he plays football. Some call it ‘ The zone .’ It is the locked part that has found a chance to be free, and the guy will always long for another chance to play the game, as he will have discovered a great feeling from it that can not be gotten elsewhere.

The universe is waiting for an avenue, only that people do not know how to utilize it. This is where the concept of the secret is. It involves taking control of the environment, rather than letting it control you. Metaphysicians, therapists, writers, philosophers and psychologists have come together in a school of thought to understand this enigmatic relationship between the mind and the environment. In Albert Einstein’s statement that “whatever power is I do not know, what I know is that it exists,” it is clear that there are metaphysical forces in action that get things done in a way difficult to understand, and in this case control the environment. This may sound odd or inapplicable but it actually works. (I have tried it,) which I will explain below.

Simply, focus on the things you like. If you focus and put your mind entirely towards it, nature will bring it to you. This is the law of attraction. It is one which got great people in history the likes of Shakespeare, Plato, Beethoven, Lincoln, Hugo and Einstein among many to where they were. So the next time you are out thinking, probably even now, leave the things you do not like and focus on what brings you happiness. A positive thought has been proven to make you ten times better than a negative one can make you two times worse off, so why focus on the negative anyway? Whatever you put your mind to, then you will get more of it. If you are late for work and all you can think about is how angry the boss will be, you just have yourself to blame if he will be the worst you have ever known of him. It’s all a matter of the mind. There is also a saying, “as a man thinketh, so he is.” This may not be directly related to the subject here, but it’s nonetheless an indication of the power of the mind.

Lastly, have gratitude for everything – it is a magical word. And do not be afraid to ask. You may never know. Practice these things and see how your life is going to change. Start now. Is it that dream car? That definite financial freedom? Whatever it is, all you have to do is attract it. That’s the secret. When God created us, he intended the best for us and gave us the mind, which makes us superior to all creation. So go ahead and use it. Hold on and do not give up just because you have not got a new apartment in a month’s time. The process is gradual, and the future belongs to those who know how to wait.

Source by Martin Mutai