We all know how fathers and daughters share a strong and special bond; and how a father goes to any length to make his little princess happy.

We came across an adorable story about a father who completed his daughter’s fairytale. Meet Rob Adams who is a professional video-game artist from Washington.

His little daughter was not too happy with her room and wanted a tree house in her bedroom where she could sit and read books. So Rob got to work to make sure that his daughter’s dream came true. He designed the project himself, bought the materials and started working on it. He kept his daughter’s photograph to help him sail through the tough parts.

It took 18 months and a couple of rough nights for Rob, but it was worth all the efforts.

Rob shared some stunning photographs of the tree house on Imgur along with captions.

Her room before work began. 


The final drawing. 

The drawing

Skeleton work done. 

tree house

The rough blending. 


“I was kind of un-prepared for the physical realities of this project. I used Disney set-design as my inspiration. Even though it was difficult, I learned a huge amount along the way. It turned out pretty well, and she’s so happy in her new room! Materials cost for the entire project, including the room renovations was about $4,250. It took about 350 hours of my time -mostly spent on weekends or at night during the past 18 months.”


Tree house

Finally little princess inside her reading room. 

tree house

On the top. 

tree house

The panoramic view. 

tree house

That’s why they say dads are the real superheroes.

All images courtesy: Imgur

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