One of my favorite quotes I first heard many years ago is “The highest form of human maturity is accepting complete responsibility” by Jim Rohn. It is simple, honest and powerful. This quote is especially important with regard to your health and fitness. When we gain excess weight and body fat, or we are not happy with our appearance, we often make excuses.

We try to rationalize our condition to ourselves and others by saying things like “I just do not have time to exercise” or “It always hard to eat healthy” or “I always try to lose weight”. When we keep re-affirming these limiting beliefs to ourselves and others, it hurts us even more. This lures us into the false belief that we do not have any control over our results and we become content with our poor health. Millions of people today are experiencing that reality today, as the obesity rate continues to climb. I’ve been there before myself.

However, everything started to change for me when I finally decided to accept responsibility for my health. I accepted the fact that I had made some very poor choices. I accepted that my poor eating habits and lack of physical activity had caused me to gain fifty pounds of body fat. I also realized that I had the power to make better choices that would produce a different exit. I realized the two most important factors that determined my body weight (what I choose to eat and drink, and the amount of physical activity I get) were completely under my control. I decided I was going to change and I took action.

I made exercise a priority and made time to workout (no longer buying into the excuse that there was no time). I made good nutrition a priority and brave up fast food (no longer buying into the excuse that it was too difficult to eat healthy). I continued to learn what was necessary to change my habits to ones that would result in a lean and healthy body. Although it was difficult at first, the more I worked at it the easier it was.

That was about three years ago. It is scary to think where I would be today had I not changed my habits. Back then I was weak and flabby with very little energy. Today I am lean, strong and I feel better than ever. Making fitness a priority in my life has empowered me to greater success and happiness in all other areas. It has significantly improved my quality of life. I now want to help others achieve the same result because if you have not experienced it you have no idea what you are missing.

So how about you? Have you taken responsibility for your health or are you still letting excuses prevent you from having the quality of life you deserve? What type of physical condition will you be in one year from now if you continue with your current habits? These are important questions to ask yourself, and it just may provide the wake-up call that is necessary for change.

The good news is regardless of what you’ve done in the past, you CAN start today to accept complete responsibility for all areas of your life, especially your health. You have the power to change! Stop letting your excuses hold you back. Resolve today to take responsibility for your health and take action towards your goal!

Source by Dave Gulas