Growing up is painful, especially because the society demands certain mannerisms from us that are not at all fun. The society wants us to go to school, college to be independent individuals by eventually becoming a slave of some corporate; staying up late partying is fine but going to bed on time is considered a loser attitude; everybody advocates that adults should eat healthy food but nobody is ready to fix it for us; and watching porn is normal but watching cartoons and enjoying them are considered juvenile. In short, growing up is not at all like what we all were being told.

But, none of us is a Benjamin Button and are born to live with these harsh realities of life. Sounds miserable? Wait, until you go through this list of cartoons for adults that are totally fantastic and suitable for your grown up yet fun-loving self. Cartoons are just the best way to relax and refresh, and these shows are created to ensure that it adults to get their share of entertainment and relaxation.

The Simpsons:

The Simpsons

This cartoon is already into its 27th season and that speaks volumes about its cult status. This cartoon series is about brutally honest adult emotions, entertainment, and a lot of humour that never fails to tickle the funny bones. The specialty of this series is that it addresses serious contemporary issues without losing the sense of humour and entertainment. The set-up of The Simpsons is simple, relatable, gripping, and is strictly for adults.

South Park:

South Park

This is one funny, also little disgusting and controversial at times. South Park takes on contemporary controversial issues and does not hesitate to hit below the belt with humour. The set-up is simple, 10-year-olds with a big mouth faces apocalyptic events and adds some controversies from real world to make the audience laugh. Even if you missed some news of the week, South Park lets you know everything that is important.

Family Guy:

Family Guy

This cartoon series is about Griffins family that consists of Peter, the dad, Lois, the mom, Meg, Chris, and Stewie, and a talking dog, Brian. This is a tale of a regular family with bizarre antics and adventure. There are moments of brilliance and also there are moments that are nonsensical, but overall an enjoyable watch for the adults out there.

Gravity Falls:

Gravity Falls

Though this one is pretty much a children’s show but is quite likeable for adults too. There is a pair of twins who goes to live with their uncle in a town named, Gravity Falls, and there they encounter some interesting supernatural adventures. This was the initial phrase; slowly this series moved towards showing a type of insanity every week which added to the popularity of this series. New mysteries, characters, and plot twists make this one a favourite among many adults.



Futurama is well-written and a different type of cartoon series. This one takes the audience on a journey of the future with Fry, the central character. He is a delivery boy who is accidentally cryogenically frozen and he wakes up 1000 years later in 3000. Now, Fry is an interplanetary delivery boy with endless misadventures of the future. There is future, there is technology, and there are likeable characters, well-written stories to keep the audience entertained and glued to it.

Rick and Morty:

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is somewhat similar to the Back To The Future movie, but a much more crazier and fun. The duo of a grandfather and grandson goes to a ride that has ultra modern gadgets, many universes and timelines; things that are usually interesting to adults. There are a couple of other characters that makes Rick and Morty a great watch for adults.

Bojack Horseman:

Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman is delightfully relatable if you understand and appreciate dark humour. This one is an honest show that speaks of some depressing realities and hard to ignore emotions. The story is about a horse in Hollywood who is trying to revive his career. He is depressed, alcoholic, and in need of approval from others. Bojack Horseman is an original Netflix series and a good one for adults looking for some easy watch.

Apart from these are the many other adult cartoons suitable for different types of adult audience and remember, nobody is too old to watch cartoons.

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