Get What You Want

Life would be so smooth and wonderful if we always got what we want, like the way they show in movies and TV shows. There will be no sign of NO and we will be forever lucky (yay!).

The bitter truth is, we CANNOT get what we want (mostly, but if you do, you must be crazy lucky!). Though ideally, it should be that way. Imagine, if we want something and get it easily (sans any struggle whatsoever), we will probably never respect and understand its true worth. Also, we will never know if we actually needed it in the first place.

For an individual to evolve with time and circumstances, it is imperative that he/she understands anything (and everything) they wish for involves something more than just the simple desire of having it.

The wait, the struggle, the hard work, the burning desire, and the fight to get what you want are some of the things that are worth every bit, for they make who you are as an individual.

Indeed sometimes, the road to an object of desire is more fruitful than the goal itself.

If you are not in agreement to this, here are 5 reasons that explain why it’s good NOT to get what we wish for.

1. You Learn To Live Without It

There are times when impulsively, we insist on getting things without understanding if we need them in real or not. In the heat of the moment, we are so obsessed with a thing or an object that we can’t imagine not having it. Our desire blindfolds us in a way that we become aggressive to acquire it. But, if you don’t get what you want right then and there, you learn to survive without it; and in the long run realise that it wasn’t all that important cause you didn’t really die without it!

2. You Look For Better Things

When you are focused on one particular thing, you lose the ability to think beyond it. That one thing becomes important to an extent that you look over other similar things that maybe better than what you are stuck on. Not getting what you want allows you to notice, recognise other things which can fulfil your wish. It helps you to give a chance to explore other things which may turn out to be good personally as well as materialistically.

Here is the most relatable way of looking at it – come to think of your ex, and the current partner that you are with, don’t you agree that you are now with a better person. And, you, yourself have become better.

3. You Become Optimistic

When you want something dearly, you channelize all your energy on that particular thing, and unknowingly, you overlook your own capabilities and restrict your thinking and enslave yourself. The fact that you can’t have it overwhelms you. But on the contrary, it also teaches you to look at the brighter side of not getting what you want. The situation inspires you to feel positive and be happy without being stranded on that desire of yours.

4. Freedom From Possession

The most underrated yet crucial thing that you learn when you don’t get what you want is the freedom from the materialistic possession. And, you also detach yourself from the self-created happiness cord with that particular object and feel happier without it.

Holy Bible beautifully explains the concept of possession with this verse:

Luke 12:15 ESV / 242
And he said to them, “Take care, and be on your guard against all covetousness, for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.”

5. It Makes You Flexible

While wanting something desperately may sound easy but implementing and putting things together to get it may be unexpectedly real. The zeal with which you set your heart on something is miles apart from how you plan to get it. There will be annoyance and frustration for not getting it the first time, but it will motivate you to pursue the same thing with a different approach. You become open to exploring different ways of getting what you want, and become more adaptive while at it.

In hindsight, the ‘not getting what you want’ made perfect sense. But, having said that, you should not stop wishing and fighting for things and beliefs as you never know what you might get out of it.

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