In life, everything has its own advantages and disadvantages depending upon what one chooses to learn from them. It is a firm believe that discipline is a virtue that has endless benefits. On the contrary, being messy is often seen as a vice that does not have any benefit and causes nothing but trouble. A messy room, a messy study table, a messy closet, a messy life is not something that others appreciate and at least, at some point of time in life many of us have gone through extended lectures on the benefits of being organized and how to avoid mess.

It is true to some extend that being messy is a vice, but definitely there are a couple of benefits of being a messy person that one can not ignore or overlook. In fact, at a certain phrase of life almost every individual is a messy person in some or the other way, and once that phrase is over, we all are enriched by the advantages of that messed up phrase.

If you are still wondering about what advantages are we talking about then here are the 10 advantages of being a messy person.

#1. Good Memory:

A messy person always knows where his or her stuffs are kept. Despite living in the midst of mess they know where a particular thing is kept either because of good memory or because everything is kept at an arm’s length.

#2. Quick Organizers:

Messy people are good at organizing things quickly as in when family or friends come over to meet, or in case of hostel life when warden comes for a surprise check. They know where to hide things and how to make the room look organized in minutes.

#3. Optimizing Space:

Optimizing every place space comes naturally to messy people; after all, they are not bothered by categorising different spaces inside the house or room. They believe in keeping stuff so any place is fine for anything.

#4. Not Bothered By Trivial Issues:

Time is too precious for wasting on wondering about how to maintain things, where to keep stuffs, and organizing everything inside the house or room. Such things do not bother the messy people. They think about much bigger and important aspects of life than that.

#5. Always Have Almost Everything (Though Mostly Difficult To Find):

People who are messy mostly do not believe in throwing away anything. Big, small, essential, or useless but most of the time they have everything laying somewhere till the time they need it. Organized people prefer keeping the essential and the useful unlike the messy ones. Thus, being messy at times is not all that bad.

#6. Always Full Of Surprises:

Lack of organization means keeping anything and everything wherever space is available, and this might lead to happy surprises as you never know what you might find while looking for something else. So, while looking for a TV remote you might come across your favourite book or something more precious for you. And, who does not like surprises!!

#7. Optimism:

Fear of misplacing or losing things bothers the ones who know where a particular thing belongs. Messy people are always optimistic as they believe that nothing is lost, it is kept somewhere here or there. And, even if they lose something they get to know it much later that eases the emotional impact of that lost article. So, in a way messy people are more optimistic.

#8. Immune To What People Think Or Say:

One of the life’s greatest virtues is not getting bothered by people’s judgment and often messy people are master in that. No matter what people say, or how they are being judged by family members or friends, they hardly pay any heed to them. This makes them comfortable and self-confident.

#9. Saves Time:

Messy people do not invest a good amount of time in organizing and pondering over how to organize things which save them time to invest on other things of life that they think are important.

#10. Almost Always Have Spare Of Important Things:

Once, a friend of mine applied for additional copies of college certificates because he misplaced the original copies. And, when he retrieved the original copy, he had extra set. Most of the time messy people end up having additional supply of important and essential stuff which keeps them prepared for any situation.

Being messy might not be all that bad, but it is good as long as it is a temporary phrase for learning one or two things. In the long run, being organized always works.