Mistake # 1: You practice yoga exercises when you have the time – Life can be hectic, with so many important demands on your time. You try to make sure you practice at least once a week for at least 60 minutes with a yoga DVD. You absolutely practice when you feel the stress is getting out of hand, your back hurts, or your sleep is disturbed. When life gets rough you know you must rush to class with your favorite yoga instructor or watch a yoga DVD.

Solution: This is practicing by default rather than commitment. Make time every day to connect with the real you; especially on those days that are hectic. Select the yoga techniques you are drawn to, that work for you, and are also simple. It is more beneficial to practice yoga 5 times a week for 10 minutes, than once a week for 60 minutes.

Mistake # 2: Struggling to fit your body into what you view as the only way to practice the yoga pose – You find some poses impossible to do and you, therefore, feel like a failure. For example, twists are impossible; sitting with legs crossed painful; sitting up straight uncomfortable. You wonder how on earth the yoga instructor can do that. Later more, you just hurt your shoulder and when you raise your arm it hurts.

Solution: Accept the uniqueness of your structure as well as the uniqueness of the yoga instructor in the yoga DVD or in class. Learn to modify the pose and pace to fit your body structure and present need.

Mistake # 3: You forget to breathe – You struggle in the pose and lose the breath. You bring the same response to a hectic life to yoga. So when the yoga instructor says, remember to breathe, you think, Oh and you realize you were holding your breath once again. You bring hectic to yoga.

Solution: Connect flowing movements with the breath. And when you hold the pose still, create movement with the breath.

Mistake # 4: Neglecting the inner workings of yoga – You think yoga is only about physical exercise and yoga breathing. For you, yoga exercises tone and strengthen the body and remove muscular tension. You think yoga is only a great way to have a good body, good posture and breathe better.

Solution: Begin to explore your inner world of feelings in your yoga practice, and have the intent to learn how you create sorrow from the yoga perspective.

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Source by Heather Greaves