I’m sure in childhood you heard it said many times that the most important meal of the day is breakfast. It’s a very true statement. A lot of people tend to skip breakfast and it’s not a good idea.

Even though you may lead a busy life and may be in a rush in the mornings it’s vital to leave enough time for a healthy breakfast. Maybe that’s why so many people are cranky in the morning. They haven’t eaten a good breakfast so their blood sugar has dropped leaving them hungry and irritable.

There again there’s also a lot of people who eat breakfast but eat the wrong type of stuff, sugary food or donuts. This isn’t a good idea. A sugary breakfast isn’t healthy. It may give you a sugar rush and a much needed boost of energy but it’s not enough to set you up for the day ahead. Maybe too, this is why people have a habit of drinking a lot of coffee. They need the jolt of energy from the caffeine to wake them up and get them going for the day.

Do you ever feel sleepy or sluggish during the day? Or find it hard to get wakened up properly in the morning? This is because you’re probably eating an unhealthy breakfast or no breakfast at all. It’s vital to realise how important breakfast is. You should have a good substantial breakfast every day of the week.

So, what to eat for breakfast. Here’s a list of do’s and don’ts.


Eat sugary cereals. They’re just empty calories that aren’t beneficial for your body in any way. Too much sugar will also make you pile on the pounds. Do you ever feel tired late morning? This is because you’ve eaten too much sugar.

Eat donuts. For the reasons explained above.

Fried breakfasts. Although the idea of bacon and eggs may seem appealing it’s unhealthy and not good for you. All that fat will leave you feeling too full to move. Try some French toast instead.

Pastries. Again these are full of sugar and empty calories and are an unhealthy choice. They provide no sustenance for the day ahead.

Too Much Coffee. Just because coffee gives you a quick energy boost don’t get into the way of thinking that you can just drink that instead of having a proper meal.


Eat a low sugar cereal. A good healthy breakfast is a bowl of cereal with milk.

An egg sandwich. Very popular at fast food outlets but why not try making them at home? Experiment with ingredients. Try adding lean ham or some cheese. Make breakfast fun and exciting.

Eggs. An excellent choice for breakfast. Many people may be worried by speculation that eggs are in fact not as good for you as once thought. Don’t be put off by this – just as with all other stuff moderation is the key.

Pancakes. A nice treat from time to time but don’t eat too often if you’re making them in the pan as they will contain too many calories. Invest in a griddle for a healthier option and be able to eat them as often as you like. Steer clear from toppings such as syrup and sugar. Instead try adding some fresh fruit for that healthy alternative. Delicious!

Juice. A great pick me up first thing in the morning. A great alternative to coffee. Just be careful though – some people may find it has laxative qualities!

Toast. Been around a long time but still a favourite. Go easy on the butter though.

Oatmeal. A great set me up for the day. Cook and add a little sugar and some milk and you have a breakfast that fill you up and will keep you going all morning.

Fruit. Chop up some fruit for a refreshing start to the day. Quick and easy to whip up into the bargain. Throw in lots of your favourite items into a healthy fruit salad.

So there we have it, some great ideas for a healthy and delicious breakfast. All easy and quick to make. Just remember- stay away from the sugary junk food!

Source by Jonathan Jenkins