There are a number of misconceptions out there when it comes to losing weight and all of the different ways to go about doing it. One of the most heavily debated topics, however, is the importance of breakfast to your daily routine. This holds true even if you are not trying to shed some unwanted pounds.

Nevertheless, I’m going to ask you two questions to see if you have a firm grip on how eating a good breakfast can help you. Do you think you’re up to it?

1. One of the most critical aspects of losing weight is how well your metabolism functions. Which of these answers will negatively affect your metabolism’s ability to burn those calories?

a) Wake up a little earlier each morning and eat a healthy breakfast.
b) Sleep in a few hours extra each morning and skip eating breakfast.
c) Wake up at your normal time, but still eat a healthy breakfast.

The correct choice here would be B. It does not really matter how long you sleep, but what you do after you wake up is what matters. If you skip eating breakfast exclusively, you are doing your metabolism a disservice by forgetting to wake it up, too. Think of your breakfast as your metabolism alarm clock.

2. When I think of my blood sugar level, I:

a) Do not think it’s very important to my weight loss goals, but I’ll watch it anyway so I do not feel “jittery.”
b) Think it’s very important to people with diabetes, but nobody else.
c) Think it’s extremely important to my weight loss routine.

If you picked C, you would be correct. Having a healthy blood sugar level is a beneficial thing almost universally when it comes to health conditions. However, some people do not realize that when their blood sugar is low, they’re more susceptible to consuming unhealthy foods just to get rid of those “jittery” feelings. Stay on top of your blood sugar, and do not let it take you off your game.

Feature Image: DWLC

Source by Jen Oakley