There has been a lot of questions brought up about the Tribulus Terrestris plant. Many studies state that no gains in testosterone were noticed and then again some claim it does produce effects … Same is the case with users. While many report no visible difference, there are equally as many people who say that Tribulus works for them well. I can count myself into the second category. What got me started on the Tribulus was the word of a very respected old-school bodybuilder in my country who said that Tribulus does work but you need to take it in a lot more than is said on the web. The reason for this is that it is not some kind of strong chemical but just a mild potent plant. I took his word because he has seen it all.

So to my own experience …

I take about 2 grams a day, one gram in the morning and one before bed. The reason for the before bed ingestion is that body produces most testosterone at night when we sleep during what is called an insulin spike. Also, our muscles grow during the night. I notice a definite feeling of being stronger, I continue to have stable gains in the gym. Also, I think I feel a little bit more aggression.

As far as studies go, they have mainly been done in Eastern Europe and are somewhat questionable. Studies on rats shown increased sex drive and aggressiveness. Studies on chickens showed the eggs to be a lot stronger. Studies on humans tend to show little effects except the ones done by the main producer of Tribulus in Bulgaria. But there is huge number of people on the web who claim by it. As am I. Maybe it just has a huge placebo effect, who knows. There are many places from where to get your Tribulus. Just remember to get the extract, not just plant material. ( Tribulus Terrestris extract ).

So, in conclusion, it does work, you just need to take it more. If you are naturally a hairy beast who likes to break people in half on a good day, you probably do not need it. Anybody else should try it, maybe this is the thing that your body needs to grow.

Featured Image: Men’s Fitness

Source by Martin Martson