It is a well-known fact that success requires a great deal of patience and hard work. In order to achieve victory, a sportsperson is required to practice and train every day. As such, they need to be suitably motivated. Lack of motivation may lead to a lax in their fitness routine.

People can be motivated in numerous ways. Researchers state that motivation is “a process through which a person makes use of available resources, time, talent, and energy, and distributes them in a way they choose.” This process is called the personal investment theory, and it includes a two-stage causal process. The first stage involves the effects of external factors and their influence on how an individual looks at a particular situation. In the second stage, the individual takes into consideration a personal investment in the situation. The personal investment involves an inner drive, a desire, or an intention an individual possesses as a reaction to external influences. Different athletes have different forms of motivation to keep them dedicated to a particular sport. It may be enjoyment, physical fitness, social relationships, or goal attainment.


There are two kinds of motivation that enable sportsmen to achieve a particular goal or task. The first type of extrinsic motivation in sports comes from external influences or people. People are extrinsically motivated to earn rewards, social recognition, or benefits. The second kind of intrinsic motivation is an inherent characteristic that feeds off one’s inner drive to accomplish a goal or objective.

Intrinsically motivated people focus on a task for their own sake. They have a sense of self-determination and look upon themselves as being able to meet the demands of a particular task. With the introduction of the Internet, there have been a number of sites solely dedicated to providing information on sports motivation. These sites also publish a number of sports-related articles and quotes intended to motivate sportspersons.

Source by Richard Romando