Everyone knows that fruits and vegetables provide essential nutrients, especially to growing kids. It’s easy to get our kids to eat fruits, but it can be quite challenging for us parents to get them to eat vegetables. Good thing you can now ‘sneak’ vegetables into their diet with the help of these healthy and nutritious smoothie recipes.

Smoothies are an excellent way to get your kids to ‘eat’ their veggies without them knowing it. Or, if you can tell that they are enjoying after a few gulps, you can actually tell them that you’ve added a healthy ingredient. Drinking nutritious veggie smoothies is a good way to start them on eating healthy. With these recipes, you are assured that you’re serving your kids the right smoothies with the proper nutrients they need. You can come up with creative names to get them excited about their ‘power drink’.

Tomatoes are excellent sources of lycopene, a very powerful antioxidant. In a blender, blend one fresh tomato, peeled with the seeds removed, one cup ripe mango, diced, half a cup plain yoghurt, half a cup cow’s milk (or soy milk), and one tablespoon honey.

This smoothie is very nutritious and filling. It’s the perfect drink for breakfast or if your kid needs a quick healthy snack. Blend one cup cantaloupe juice, once cup sweet potato, steamed, peeled and diced, one cup plain yoghurt, and one tablespoon flaxseed oil.

Drinking ‘green goo’ might not be too appealing for adults, but kids will be excited in drinking this ‘atomic slime’. Blend one medium-sized carrot, chopped, two handfuls of spinach, four florets broccoli, one ripe apple, chopped, two oranges, peeled and quartered, and one cup orange juice to dilute.

If they are familiar with Popeye, you can tell your kids that this drink is power-packed with spinach. They’ll love the idea of being as strong as the sailor. Process one cup of apple juice and chopped spinach in a blender. Add one cup carrots and one banana. Blend until smooth. Add ice cubes and more apple juice according to your preference. Blend well.

Carrots are perfect for your kids developing eyes. Blend one medium-sized carrot, one cup carrot juice, half a cup apple juice, half a cup plain yoghurt and one banana. Blend until smooth.

Celery is an excellent source of fibre and Vitamin C. Blend three sticks of celery, six strawberries, one cup apple juice and half cup strawberry yoghurt.

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Source by Aleister Boyd