Body building supplements are generally defined as substances taken by athletes and body builders to help them develop a more toned and more defined physique. Individuals who take body building supplements are more likely involved in weight trainings, advance and intestinal workouts and sports.

These substances are also used to improve sports performance in particular. In addition, they also help an athlete to recover easily from injuries. Supplements make them stronger, agile and improved over all performance. Here are some examples of body building supplements.

1. Glutamine is one of the most common amino acids found in every human muscle. Supplement manufacturers say that the natural glutamine levels are depleted every time an individual do intestinal workout trainings and therefore may cause some deficiencies in the body. Many body builders who take supplements glutamine can restore and replenish the depleted stores of amino acids in the muscles.

2. Casein is considered as the supplement that contains the richest glutamine content. It also has a casomorphin that helps release amino acid content for a long term period. Soy protein is recognized to be naturally complete. However it causes some side effects in the estrogenic activity of body builders and athletes.

3. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Your body may break the consumed protein into amino acids that go to your stomach and intestines. There are three considered branched chain of amino acids. These are valine, leucine and isoleucine.

4. Prohormones help in enhancing the hormones. They are taken by bodybuilders to enhance the natural hormone testosterone of the muscles. There are some occurrences of side effects that are not common in most instances. Until now, most prohormone supplements are not yet thoroughly studied. The health hazard effects are not fully identified specifically if the supplement is used long term.

5. Creatine is considered as an organic acid that helps in supplying energy to the muscle cells for excess use of energy. Most of these supplements are taken by most body weight lifters. Scientific studies have already proven that creatine provides extra power, strength, and energy and can improve muscle mass in a short period. In addition, it also improves memory recognition and helps the brain to function actively.

6. There are also those thermogenic supplements that increase the metabolism of the body. It keeps users active, agile and strong at all times. It contains a physically fit body because of the increased rate of your body metabolism, which helps in burning the body fats. Supplements that are commonly known as thermogenics include aspirin, ephedrine and caffeine.

7. Nitric Oxide Stimulators play a major role in providing relaxation to the smooth muscle tissue that composes the blood vessels of your tissue. They provide muscle redefinition every time you undergo intestinal workouts.

The concern issue with regards to bodybuilding supplements is that none of these supplements are classified as a dietary supplement. These supplements have not reached the standardization of the FDA. When thinking of taking these supplements, remember that there are no regulations yet in place that can assure the user of the safety and purity of these bodybuilding supplements.

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