Have you ever seen Rocky 4? This was the one where Rocky went to the Soviet Union to fight the massive Russian fighter. Rocky trained in the wilderness, jogging through the snow, cut wood to workout, ran up hills, etc. His Russian opponent took the opposite approach and trained indoors with nothing but state of the art machines. Well, it is obvious that Rocky’s “old school” workouts made him tougher and in the end, he beats this massive Russian fighter. That is exactly how I view running stairs vs cardio machines. Running stairs, in the end, will beat cardio machines in burning off stubborn body fat efficiently.

Get Outside… Run Stairs… Burn Fat Quickly… Ask Questions Later!

People rarely volunteer to run stairs. Normally the only people you see are elite athletes under the close watch of a coach. If the coach wasn’t there to push them, they would probably choose to do something easier. This type of cardio workout is hard in the exact way it needs to be to increase HGH. HGH increases when you alternate intense efforts for 30-60 seconds followed by 30-60 seconds of less intense effort. This is called interval training, and this exercise may just be one of the best forms of interval training.

Signs That Your Cardio Workout Will Result In An HGH Increase

Here are a few things to strive for in your cardio workout if you want to maximize HGH and its maximum fat burning effects:

1) Your skin should feel hot

2) You should be short of breath

3) You should be sweating

4) Your face should look a bit flushed

5) Your heart rate should be higher than normal even after the workout is done

6) You should accomplish all of this on an empty stomach

Running stairs will accomplish all of this more efficiently than any workout on cardio machines.

A Simple 15 Minute Workout

Find a flight of stairs that has at least 20-30 stairs (a track with stadium seating at a high school or local college is ideal). Walk up the stairs to the top and then down the stairs to the bottom 3-5 times. After this warm-up, you will begin the workout.

1) Sprint from the bottom of the stairs to the top as fast as possible

2) Jog down to the bottom

3) Repeat for 15 minutes

I know this sounds way too simple! You can make it more difficult by choosing longer flights of stairs. You can jog a couple of miles before or after running stairs. The key to the whole workout is that is you hit the stairs hard, your body will release HGH and help you get lean quickly. Obviously, you will get better results if you eat a low-calorie diet.

Running Stairs Cardio Workout… Beats Fancy Machines Every Time!

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Source by Rusty Moore