A latest study has revealed that one in every four employees suffers from workplace related stress issues. Workplace Wellness, a specialist in corporate well-being firm, released this figures on 4th November on the occasion of National Stress Awareness Day. This study also revealed that one among four individuals dials the national employee assistance help line in UK complaining about workplace stress and how it is the root cause of their many problems.

The Employee Assistance Programme of this firm has also led to the findings that stress level has increased in workplace due to its ever rising demands.

Customer and Propositions Director of Workplace Wellness, Jayne Carrington, stated that, “Many employees calling us are deeply concerned about the uncertainty around their job prospects and the impact this would have on their family.”

Or they are faced by increasing workloads and targets set by employers who are often expecting staff to do more with less.

Jayne also commented that business owners must consider this as a duty to extend help to their employees to prevent as well as cope with stress of all forms related to workplace.

About the repercussions of workplace related stress, Jayne, says it can end up in poor sleeping habits, fatigue, low nutrition consumption, and low physical activity which will eventually impact productivity and under-performance in workplace.

Thus, in her words,

It is imperative employers consider the true value of employee wellbeing.

Apart from suggesting that the employers should adopt ways to prevent stress among the employees, Jayne also suggested that individuals must also keep an eye on the warning signs of stress and focus on developing their own coping strategies. She says,

Employees do have a responsibility to look at how they can manage their stress, be more resilient in challenging times and adopt behavioural and lifestyle changes to reduce any workplace pressures.

In conclusion, Jayne Carrington believes that,

Organisations and individuals must work together to recognise both potential and existing problems and take steps to prevent and manage stress in the workplace.

Story Inputs: Daily Mirror