So what is the hype with this Soy, and what is it?

What is Soy, and is it healthy? NO!

The soybean is a legume, also known as Glycine max. Its used to produce, machine oil, edible oil, printer ink, pressed imitation food (beef, crab, pepperoni, chicken etc.), flour, grits, and stock feed.

I know you’re probably wondering, “looks healthy, so what’s the problem?” and why certain Soy, such as tofu, is SO unhealthy. These certain types of tofu can cause serious health side-effects. It can be beneficial for a balanced healthy diet, including ALL food groups, yes including meat products. But this veganism fad diet, replicates all meat and dairy products with Soy, as it is high in protein. Though you may think that this will cure all those necessary vitamins you’ll be lacking, you are absolutely wrong! With this fad diet (aka Veganism) you could be lacking any if not all of these important vitamins, which is very critical for babies, children, teens, and adults using this diet for over one year. Vitamins you’ll be without include:

* B-12
* Omega-3’s (Fatty Acids)
* Riboflavin
* Zinc
* Protein

Not only this but you could potentially become weak, exhausted and hungry all the time. Resorting to eating binges with these unhealthy soy products. These fad diets such as “Skinny Diet”, can result in eating disorders just to feel full and accepted. People have even reported feeling alienated from their loved ones.

Next time you ask yourself “Is soy healthy?”. Remember what your body could be lacking, and
check out these other side-effects []

Featured Image: Global News

Source by Tiffany Morrison