Bekah Miles, a psychology major from George Fox University, posted a photo of a tattoo that she got sometime in last year and that image has gone viral, and so is her story. In the year 2014, Bekah was diagnosed with a condition called depression as she struggled with her self-esteem and emotions. The worst part was she felt lonely and unable to seek help even from those who are near and dear to her. This further increased her sufferings that no one could see.

Her inner struggles continued until the day she heard one of her professors, Dr. Kristina Kays speaking about her own battle with depression. This made Bekah overlook her fear of vulnerability and also realise that she is not the only one who is fighting an inner battle. This gave her the courage to speak about her fight with people close to her and the medium she chose to reveal about it was a permanent tattoo and a Facebook status.

(Dear mom and dad, please don’t kill me over this permanent choice. I want you to hear me out.)Today, I am coming out…

Posted by Bekah Miles on Sunday, 23 August 2015

Her tattoo “I’m Fine” is an ambigram and it reads “Save Me” from exact opposite angle. This tattoo once shared on her Facebook wall became a strong symbol of the struggle that a person with depression goes through and Bekah has become hope for many.

Here is a video by George Fox University that tells her entire story.

Video Courtesy: George Fox University

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