There are several food supplements available on the market today but what do you think these things would do to you if you take them. We regularly hear of vitamins A, B, C and E as common food supplements referred to be good in keeping your body healthy and attuned. There are also the different multivitamins, which come in packs that would probably keep your body functions well. But what is really the key to a healthy body and the best vitamin supplements that could keep the body working well?

Let’s not keep you in suspense. Below would be a list of the most important vitamins that the body needs to keep going.

Vitamin 1 – Adequate Exercise for the body and mind

Having adequate exercise for the body and mind will help you keep your body attuned and healthy. Make sure you at least have cardio exercises daily that would keep the heart pumping blood to your body and keeping your oxygen levels in the blood in right amounts. Exercising the body will help you burn unnecessary calories that you have put in your system should you have a teen extra than your regular meals a day. Exercise will also help in toning the muscles and make you feel good and look good about yourself. As for mind exercises, do some reading or writing at your free time to exercise the brain cells in your head

Vitamin 2 – Enough sleep to relax the senses and regenerate energy

Sleep whenever you can. Relaxing the senses is necessary to give the body the rest it needs. Sleeping helps relax the senses after a hard day’s work and helps in regenerating energy for your activities the next day or the next hour. Short naps during work breaks would be good to regenerate energy for your work and keep your senses functioning at the best after taking some doze of it.

Vitamin 3 – Proper diet, eat the right kind and amount of food necessary for a healthy body

The key to a proper diet is moderation. If you want to stay healthy, you definitely have to practice moderation. Eat small amounts of food from a variety of food groups to be safe on what things you should be eating or not. Try eating moderate amounts of the carbohydrate food group, proteins should be taken in moderation too, and vegetables should be taken in moderation too, especially if you are at risk of having high uric acid. Alcohol should also be taken in moderation since too much acid in your system and alcohol would not be good for gout.

Vitamin 4 – Have time for yourself

Make sure you spare a moment every day for yourself. Do some meditation or yoga if you like to let go of the pressures of your day or life. Enjoy a moment of being alone by yourself in your room or taking time to look around you and appreciate the beauty that you see. Indulge your senses in relaxing activities that please your body and mind. But of course, you should always remember that moderation should be the key to having a good and healthy body and mind.

Vitamin 5 – Live a healthy lifestyle, have love in your heart and keep a smile on your face

Living a healthy lifestyle would definitely be good for your health. Drop that temper and let go of anger in your heart. Keep a smile on your face because life is beautiful and should be enjoyed every day. Love and live life to the fullest but do not overdo it since the key to having a healthy body and mind is moderation. Enjoy the little things that life gives you and love the beauty of the world that you live in.

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Source by Mario G. Churchill