I’m currently documenting my struggle to get healthy. I know a lot of us love to watch the Olympics and want to become fit. Fitness is not something you can achieve overnight, but I’m trying hard to become fit and have a healthy life so I’m going to try this out for a few days and I want to document what it’s like to try to become fit.

Fitness is not easy, it is a lifestyle change and I want everyone to understand this. I’m going to work hard at becoming fit and I’m hop fitness can become my lifestyle. Living healthy is not easy but hey, we can do this if we really put our minds to.

So here’s my planning routine: I’m going to start everyday by basically doubling what I currently eat. Note that I eat pretty healthy. I’m a vegetarian so for breakfast I eat a big bowl of cereal, a slice of toast and a big glass of a protein smoothie. That’s my breakfast. Then I’m off and hoping to get some kind of snack in like oatmeal cookies before lunch.

After that it’s moving on to eating something like a peanut butter sandwich or a sub for lunch. Then for dinner I’ll try to eat pretty heavy, a lot of pasta with a salad (gotta get your greens). I’m also having vitamins like vitamin B and sleeping more than 8 hours a day. I know to some of you this does not sound like fitness at all, but what you’ll see is that fitness is about eating more and working out more.

Source by Josh J.