Do you want to learn how to motivate yourself to exercise in the morning? Do you wake up in the morning sometimes and want to exercise – but just can not seem to motivate yourself to get moving and actually exercise? Does the snooze button call your name?

Do not worry – with these motivational tips, we’ll have you exercising easily, motivated and effortlessly in no time!

Use Music As Your Alarm – And Put On Some Energizing Music

One of the biggest problems for me for working out in the morning is just getting out of bed in the morning. I hear that beep-beep-beep, and just want to turn it off and go back to bed.

There’s an easy fix for that – pick some some music that gets you in the mood to workout, and use it as your alarm! Set it up on your iPod, or just pick a radio station that plays the type of music you like and set that as your radio alarm. For a long time, I used a CD by the Offspring, or Hot Hot Heat to get me up and moving in the morning.

You’ve got to decide for yourself what you want to use to motivate you – but pick some music so right away you get in the right frame of mind in the morning!

Get an Exercise Buddy

Working out alone can be demotivating enough, let alone in the morning! Who wants to wake up early, head to the gym by themselves, and then hit the weights? Not me! If you can find an exercise buddy to help you through the misery (heh) of waking up early in the morning, so much the better!

In fact, one of the rules I had with my buddy was that as soon as one of us woke up, we had to call the other – and we had to call again 10 minutes later to make sure neither of us was snoozing. Do you think we miss any of our days to exercise? No way!

Wake Up With a Mantra

I love using a motivational mantra when I wake up in the morning to get me moving. There’s no better resource than this hand picked collection of quotes.

Source by Sid Savara