Often when you think about getting into shape, your mind may think of joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer. Sometimes people who want to get fit do both. Yet, others manage to get into great shape by working out at home. There are advantages to joining a gym as well as exercising at home. I have done both and for me, working out on my own at home is my preference, rather than paying for the gym.

The problem with the gym for some people is that it can be overwhelming. You may start off using certain machines and then ever taper off to using 1 or 2 of the same machines every time you workout. This lacks variety and chances are you may not push yourself enough. After a while, you may realize that you are not making any progress in terms of weight loss or physical fitness.

You could hire a personal trainer but after your sessions are complete, the training is over and there goes your motivation as well. I have seen friends hire personal trainers and go back to doing the same thing they did before. Unless you have a lot of money for continuous sessions, a personal trainer is often not a permanent solution to your fitness woes.

The reason why in-home fitness programs such as fitness DVD’s can work so well is because they require very little. At the most, you will need a TV, DVD player, a set of dumbbells, and maybe resistance bands. They are convenient because you can do them when you want that means no driving back and forth to the gym. The best part is you will have variety. If you like cardio, resistance training, yoga, and more, there are fitness programs for almost every preference.

You save money on monthly fees compared to gym memberships too. The cost of a few months of gym fees can build you an entire library of in-home fitness workouts. Now, skeptics may say that no one ever sticks with using fitness DVD’s. You can easily say the same thing about someone wasting their gym membership by not going after the first month or two.

There are plenty of people who have transformed their lives working out at home. The motivation comes from having fun and variety will do that. Of course, there will be times when you do not feel like working out. You just have to remove excuses and push play anyway.

Source by Eartha Haines