Do you stretch? Do you stretch regularly? The importance of stretching before, during and after exercise is very important on so many different levels. How some people can just run into the gym and start pumping weights is beyond me. Not only does it open you up to injuries, but it can really damage your muscles. Apart from improving your flexibility, it has a great influence on how you are able to move.

Your muscles are designed to be supple. Hard and tense muscles are unhealthy and can be incredibly limiting regardless of what exercise you do. When your body is in rest, your muscles tend to contract. When you use them they expand and each and every fiber in the muscles moves. Like elastic bands, they expand and contract. A person who is supple have muscles that are very “elastic” and it can expand and contract much further without tearing.

Although teething the entire muscles does not happen that easily, someone who is supple will be far less intolerable to injury. What many people do not know about being flexible is that it improves your overall muscle tone and enables you to get much more out of your muscles. More “elastic” muscles are capable of more and apart from the actual elasticity that the actual muscle fibers that are stronger when you are flexible.

Stretching does more for your body than merely leaving you smooth, supple and injury free. It allows you to move better. It allows you to have better posture and can help in preventing things like arthritis from setting in. Stretching can also improve your cardiovascular circulation and with the correct stretching methods it can do wonders for your spine. If you have a lot of muscle aches and pains, then try stretching. It can do wonders for you. Make it a regular habit and try and stretch every morning when you wake up and every evening before you go to bed.

Source by Deon Du Plessis