Aside from diet, exercise is at the top when it comes to health priorities. Even if you do not need to lose weight, it is important to incorporate a physical regimen in your life just to be sure you stay healthy. But if you need to lose weight, you may need to do more work so that you can lose the unwanted flab hanging around various parts of your body. There are a lot of cardio workouts to choose from that will help you burn more calories in order to lose weight and feel a lot better. Here are a few ideas:

Aerobics. A typical intestinal aerobic workout can help you burn around 500 calories an hour. Targeting the hips, legs and the bum, aerobics should be done two times a week, at one-hour sessions. There are a lot of aerobics videos available for you, but you can also enroll in a class for more fun and company.

Bicycle. Depending on the intensity of your pedaling, you can burn from 500 to 1,000 calories in an hour you spend on the bike. If you can, step outside and bring your bike with you. But if you have now to go but the gym, then a stationary bike at the gym will do.

Swimming. Fun and relaxing, swimming laps can help you burn between 400-800 calories an hour, as long as you do laps and do not just play in the pool. This is a complete workout you can count on since it targets every part of the body. It also significantly improves the respiratory system.

Racquetball. Burning rough 680 calories an hour, using the racquetball for running from side to side can help you tone your thighs and your legs. A lot of people prefer this workout because it also serves as good socializing avenues.

Elliptical trainer. For 600 calories an hour, the elliptical trainer not only helps you on your cardio, but also helps you build stronger muscles. It also targets the stomach, making it an ideal workout regimen for those who are specifically targeting their abs.

Rowing. If you have an opportunity to try this sport, then do so. Not many people are in an area where they can row, so the access to this sport is highly valued. It tones the arms and significantly improves strength. There are rowing clubs in different areas, and some gyms also have rowing machines if you do not have access to the real thing.

Source by Michelle A Thompson