In almost all muscle workouts, the most overlooked area would have to be an exercise for neck muscles. Most people fail to give it much thought, but that can be a mistake for several different reasons. Let’s take a look at how to build neck muscles and why it’s so important.

Take a moment to think about how important your neck is in any sport or activity. It doesn’t matter what sport it is, having a strong neck is important. It helps in preventing serious injuries to your neck. It can also help in preventing injuries to your spinal cord as well.

In any muscle workouts, a big strong neck just looks impressive. I mean, think about it for a minute, how often have you seen the guy with a huge chest, big arms, and a pencil-shaped neck? It looks silly.

Now, what comes to your mind when you see a guy with big bulging neck? Well, if you’re like most people it makes you think of someone as powerful and strong.

How to build neck muscles

There are quite a few exercises for neck muscles that you can utilize in your workout routine, but we just want to look at a couple that you can use real quick.

Please keep in mind that you must use pre-caution in doing any neck muscle exercises. Warm up before doing any exercises. Rotate your neck from side to side. To increase your flexibility you will always want to use a full range of motion.

1. Neck Flexion

This is a very good exercise for neck muscles that provides good results. Sit down in a chair and move your head back to where you are looking up at the ceiling. Now, place your hands behind your head and use them to build up resistance.

2. Neck Extension

This is another simple, but effective exercise. Take your hand and put it up against your forehead. Looking straight ahead, begin applying resistance. Slowly move your head down until your chin comes against your chest.

Although these two exercises for neck muscles may seem simple, they are very effective. As you get into the coming weeks, you can increase the resistance at your own pace. Building your neck muscles will not only help in making you look stronger but will also help in the prevention of muscle injury.

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by Terry Edwards