Every time someone says that they throw away egg yolks I ask why? And the answers I get are “I saw it on TV”, “My parents/friends told me to”, “I heard they are bad for you”. Honestly, I do not get it, why would you throw away the richest part of the egg? The part that has the most vitamins, protein and healthy fats. Most of the fault lays on the media. For years “doctors” have tied high Cholesterol with egg yolks.

Thankfully those myths have been busted.

Science vs Broscience

For the past years, the media has been talking about the high Cholesterol in eggs. Explaining that it’s too high and increases levels of our system. Yes, Cholesterol is bad and it is linked to heart attacks. It collects around the arterial walls, interfering the blood flow. However, while doing all that, they have completely ignored the fact that not “every cholesterol” is bad.

It depends on the source completely. For example studies (1) have shown that eating eggs can lower the low-density lipids (bad cholesterol) and increase the high-density lipids. That completely ruins the credibility the media has. At least when it comes to health and nutrition. There have even been studies on how people had a low cholesterol diet and still had high levels.

To an extent they are right. It is something we should be aware of. But it completely depends on the food we get it from. Generalizing and calling egg yolks the same as fast food restaurant deep-fried products, is stupid and wrong. Of course, you should not overdo it. Up to 2 whole eggs, a day is completely normal.

The Benefits of Egg Yolks

Egg yolks contain all the good fats inside the egg. For example the Omega-3. Not to mention egg yolks have the highest protein content. They also contain over 80% of the vitamins and minerals. For example:

1. Potassium
2. Iron
3. Vitamin A
4. Vitamin E
5. B Vitamins
6. Vitamin D
7. Biotin

As you can see egg yolks are very rich in nutrients. Recent studies (2) have shown those vitamins to actually help with lower cholesterol levels. Especially the B vitamins. So eat your eggs as a whole. Throwing away the yolks is throwing away money and everything good inside it.


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