Our busy schedule, growing competition and stress, and desk job has definitely led to two thing, unhealthy lifestyle and inconsistent body shape. Sudden weight gain or weight loss seems like a trend among young professionals and the most convenient way to justify these issues is by blaming the nature of the job or corporate culture. By hitting the gym regularly you can achieve your desired body shape but, maintaining that body shape once you decide to quit gym is where the problem lies. It is all the more challenging due to odd working hours, prolong sitting sessions, and modern technological advancement that has reduced our physical activities by many fold.

Is staying in shape is that difficult? Or, is your professional life is so hectic that health is going unnoticed or just limited to getting life insurance policy? Not really, if you know and follow these tricks that are easy, effective and can fit into your busy schedule.

1. Drinking Water:

It has been told again and again that water is an essential for good health and there is no denying. Try carrying around your own water bottle so that it does not seem like a task to walk up to the water filter area and also, carrying your own bottle will reduce your intake of other sugary drinks.

2. Adopt Little Good Habits:

Okay, so going to gym is out of question in your schedule, but skipping the lift to take the stairs, walking to the nearby shop than driving, stretching from time to time, and not sitting for too long are some of the habits that can prove helpful to stay in shape.

3. Have Food Rules:

If you have the habit of munching try avoiding junk food available in the market rather carry your own munching as well as your own lunch. This way you can keep a check on your calories and food intake. If you are going to some restaurant, try figuring out where the food is healthy or at least have your dishes figured out rather than going overboard with anything and everything. In case, you are unsure about the food quantity share your food with friends to lessen food intake.

4. Good Body Posture Is Must:

Avoid shoulder slump and have a good body posture while sitting and walking. Initially, it will seem tiring and hard, but soon you will realise its good effect. You will experience less stress on neck, back, and shoulders. Also, the functionality of organs will improve as well as core strength will improve.

5. Turn Your Workplace Into Your Personal Exercise Arena

Read a complete story to know how to convert your workplace your own personal exercise arena.

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6. Sleep Is Important:

A tired body and mind means high level of stress and exhaustion and therefore, it is important to have proper sleep. Set a sleeping and waking up schedule, and try to stick to it. You are a grown up now and you have decided to shoulder responsibilities, though late nights and parties seem enticing but it should not hamper your healthy life choices.

Following all of the above may not be possible to achieve on a single day, so try to adopt them one by one and then stick to them to keep your body in shape.