A recent research suggests that people who drink tea has 35 percent less chance of heart stroke or cardiac arrest. An earlier study also suggested that tea drinkers have lesser chance of dying due to cardiac arrest and it is because of flavonoids, an antioxidant present in tea.

The latest study on tea, conducted by a team of doctors at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, USA, had 6,200 participants, and the results show that those who drink tea regularly has 35 percent less chance of heart stroke, cardiac arrest, cardiovascular death as compared to those who have never drank tea. The team also found out that tea drinkers have less calcium deposits in heart’s coronary arteries, which is one primary cause of heart disease.

Speaking at the American Heart Association, the team of doctors stated that further research is required to understand “the potentially protective nature of moderate tea intake.”

Though this new research do not specifically indicates what gives tea such a protective cover but earlier researches prompt that an antioxidant present in tea, called flavonoids, can be responsible for this. This antioxidant leads to weight loss as well as prevents damage of cell. The earlier studies also conclude that regular tea consumption is beneficial for heart and overall health of an individual.

Another good reason to switch to tea.

Story Inputs: Daily Mail UK