At a time, when every individual in the world is facing some or the other kind of disease and there is no dearth of specialist and medicines, here is a man who can cure almost anything and everything. In fact, a ruling of Brooklyn Supreme Court has also authenticated the claims of this man in his 80s.

Dr. Sebi, a pathologist, healer, naturalist, herbalist and biochemist, is an immigrant of Honduras is now in his 80s has cured deadliest of diseases including AIDS, cancer, diabetes as well as mental conditions like bipolar disorder, and depression among others. Dr. Sebi has become the ambassador of self-healing and has dedicated his life to heal people. Over the years, his work has changed the popular notion towards self-healing and at the same time, has proven that all diseases are curable.

The Supreme Court ruling in favour of this man came in the year 1988, when he posted an ad in New York Post that captured the attention of FDA (Food And Drug Administration, US). When the agency sued him for false advertisement as well as practicing without licence, the court asked Dr. Sebi to produce a witness each for the diseases that he claimed to have cured. Dr. Sebi produced 70 witnesses who were indeed cured by Dr. Sebi. Soon after, the court cleared him of all charges which implies that this doctor can cure all diseases.

Apart from common people, Dr. Sebi also has many celebrity patients, like Eddie Murphy, John Travolta, and Michael Jackson among others.

Here is a video about Dr. Sebi and this methodology:

Video Courtesy: Tyler Thurmond

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Story Inputs: UNILAD