Eating right to feel your best should be part of every woman’s goal. What you eat will tell the difference as it can easily manifest in your weight, your mood, and even your day-to-day look.

There are several reasons why women should feel concerned about what they eat too. For one, women, both young and old, are more prone to certain types of sickness. And most importantly, putting a premium on nutrition can help you to cope with stressful situations in the long run.

Discovering healthy food and living for women’s well-being would not be complete without the following good choices. Make sure to include any of these in your daily diet plan. It’s also important to keep track of the number of servings you get for each item.

Low-fat yoghurt. This healthy treat can help decrease the risk of breast cancer and as well as problems related to irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory digestive tract disorders, two of the most common disease that inflict women.

Most importantly, low-fat yoghurt helps fight stomach ulcers and vaginal infections too, which makes it an ideal part of the meal for women of all ages.

Berries. Its powerful component called anthocyans are known to play an important role in cell repair. Similar to wine, berries also lower the risk of breast cancer and gastrointestinal tract.

Beans. Low in fat, rich in protein and fiber, beans has protective effects against heart disease and breast cancer. While beans are not popular among women, experts have found them very useful in lowering the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

Low fat milk. Keeps the bones healthy and thereby reduce the risk of osteoporosis, sclerosis, and tumors of the breast, colon, and ovary, which are common among women. Low fat milk is also rich in Vitamin D which leads up to 50% of all breast, colon, and ovarian cancer in the US.

Tomatoes. Best known for its lycopene, tomatoes have significant health benefits for women as they are considered a powerful antioxidant. It helps fight heart disease and breast cancer and also promotes a healthy and youngger looking skin by protecting it against UV damage.

Healthy food and living for women of all age can easily be achieved by incorporating any of these items in your diet. Do not forget to include in your grocery list.

Source by Ashley Cham