If you try to find a synonym that perfectly captures the word chocolates – you can’t find any that has a perfect fit. If you look up its meaning in the respected Merriam-Webster Dictionary, you find several definitions. None of these describes chocolates as you know it – ecstasy!

Creative Synonyms

The Thesaurus presents feeble synonyms for the world’s favourite treat. Brown gold, cocoa confection, creamy confectionery, or brown treasure, are some synonyms. Bland. Sigh. The textbook definition robs chocolates its essence. But watch out for metaphors and abridged similes! These provide a creative approach to give chocolates another name that tickles the senses and invades the realm of the gustatory imagination.

The common synonym used to give justice to what we know as chocolates is FOOD OF THE GODS. This hits the nail right on the head. This sweet confection is divine and oh so heavenly. It’s a good thing that the Aztecs had the cacao, the fruit which revolutionized desserts the world over. Calling chocolates brown gold is also correct but it is still not definitive from the chocoholics’ viewpoints.

Decadent, melt-in-your-mouth and outrageously sinful delights are just some the descriptive expressions used to define the world’s best-loved sweets. Describing chocolates as bittersweet chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate categorizes the different types of this brown gold. The descriptions only come alive when creative descriptions are used in conjunction with each chocolate group.

The Name Game

The world has a long-running love affair with chocolates. The Aztecs started it all and Europe followed suit. Later, all manner of chocolate delights were invented to tickle the sweet tooth. The chocolate bar took on many shapes and other flavours were added – nuts and fruits, cereals, and now vegetables! Name it, chocolates have it.

Chocolates are favourite gifts for all occasions and are packaged as administrative gifts, thank-you bouquets, baskets, gourmet chocolate, chocolate towers, and novelties. Whatever the name, each of these treats has its individual character. Gourmet chocolate, for example, may be sugar-free. Others will have creamy caramel centres, mint, corn flakes, or best of all – truffles. The designs of the candies are also exquisite, such as the popular Belgian Chocolate Seashells. This is the top choice as Mother’s Day gifts. Whatever the name, it is still chocolate, but the best there is.

Not Just a Treat or a Yummy Gift

Chocolates have a reputation as a health booster. These also contain antioxidants, essential minerals, vitamins, dietary fibres, and the happy hormone serotonin. Eating a bar also increases energy levels.

The cocoa beans are rich in flavonols, thought to improve the blood vessel’s functions. Dark chocolates have more flavonols and a bar of dark chocolate a day keeps the heart doctor away. But if you are overweight, eat chocolates in moderation.

With all the good things said about chocolates, it becomes harder to find a synonym for chocolate that fits. But until then, call it what you want.

Featured Image:  TheViveur.com
Source by Ryan C Wilson