Strength can be built a lot of different ways. You can lift weights, push cars, lift logs, rocks, sand bags, train using your own bodyweight, isometrics or dynamic resistance and the great thing is that your muscles will respond to any type of stress you put on them.

Muscle does not know how it’s getting resistance. It’s what you put your focus on. Strength comes from what’s inside. Concentrating on what your doing and putting everything you can in to whatever you are doing. Whether training for strength or in other areas of your life the power of will and the power of concentration are the determining factors as to whether you succeed or fail.

The mental power is what gets you through the tough times this is what makes you rugged and hardened. Your physical and mental strength are the keys, this is what puts you above the rest. Always pushing for something better, always looking for other ways for improving. Always keeping an open mind. Always looking for better ways. These are the keys for building physical and mental strength.

I also believe that if you can not control destructive habits (booze, drugs, food, etc.) you are mentally weak and if you are weak mentally there is no way you can be really strong physically because mental toughness will always win over physical toughness.

How often do you really push yourself hard? How often do you push outside the comfort zone?

* Workout *

Get the jump rope out and try this fat burner.

1-minute – skipping rope.

1-minute – burpees.

1-minute – skipping rope.

1-minute – burpees.
* No Rest *

Finish of 100 bodyweight squats.

This workout should take no more 8 minutes.

This will test your athletic ability and burn fat.

Source by Johnny Grube