Every now and then there comes a new bodybuilding book that talks about “the newest and latest routines”, but nobody ever knows if it really works. One new book that has the community up in a buzz about weight lifting routines is Vince Delmonte’s No Nonsense Muscle book. In this book, he covers all the topics that everyone wants to know: the “best supplements”, the most efficient bodybuilding routine, and the most effective bodybuilding diet to go on. This article will examine and review each of the main topics of his book to see if the weight lifting routines and diets are worth YOUR money!

Unlike many of the other bodybuilding books that only mention weight lifting routines and diets, Vince decides to take the extra step and conduct an in-depth analysis of supplements and steroids. Even though there is a great risk in using steroids, it takes the time to properly explain the risks and dangers inherent in the use of steroids to gain muscle mass. He also does the unexpected: He talks about why supplements are a waste of money! He explains the reason why the bodybuilding industry created supplements (to just milk money out of people!). Vince has researched the effectiveness of supplements and explains in details how the ingredients just do not work. Instead, they impede your muscle building! While he provides many convincing reasons of why you should not use supplements, he then goes onto the topic that everyone wants to know: Weightlifting routines.

The amount of depth he covered in his weightlifting program was amazing; it was made for everyone from beginners to advanced bodybuilders. He provides many bodybuilding workouts that change constantly so that you can build up your muscles in the best way. His book targets your weak spots and slowly builds them up until you’re comfortable with heavy weights. In addition to that, his book’s package comes with many bonuses. One of the bonuses I found useful was his 52-week bodybuilding workout plan. It was very intuitive in that it gave you a calendar. All you had to do was click on a date. Then it shows you the weight lifting routines for the day, along with descriptions and tips to do those exercises correctly. Another fact that is different from other bodybuilding books is that it encourages quick (but very intense) workouts. Rather than spending time at the gym every day, he provides a schedule for 3 intestinal workouts per week. Vince provides all the details you need to build your muscles fast and efficiently, but it would not work out unless you have the proper diet.

Vince emphasizes the importance of changing your diet to a healthy bodybuilding diet to complement your weight lifting program. His book tells you everything you need to know when you should eat, and what you should be buying from the grocery stores. His diet plan gradually changes you from your current diet into one that helps you build your muscles. He also talks extensively about nutrients and how certain foods are good for the body. In addition, one of his package bonuses comes with a calculator. With pretty good accuracy, it calculates the number of calories you consumed during the day and provides recommendations on what other foods you should eat.

As you can see, Vince Delmonte’s book provides plenty of ways to sculpt your physique and goes in-depth with explanations so you know exactly how you’re making your body better. As my final word, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the book. It’s charged to just about everyone that needs a weight lifting routine and contains recipes for foods that everyone will enjoy for a healthy body! For more information, you should check out Vince’s No Nonsense Muscle NOW!

Feature Image: Lifehacker

Source by Steven Tran