What you eat will have an awful impact on your overall health and longevity.

It is important to look at food as more than just a way to satiate our cravings.

Food is medicine.

What you eat will have an awful impact on your overall health and longevity.

Nearly all of our clients include one blended drink of a variety of vegetables and fruit every day.

My Typical Breakfast Smoothie

  • Handful of Napa cage (Chinese cage) – I tear off leaves rather than cut so the oxidation of browning of the veggie does not happen, lasting longer in the refrigerator.


  • One small baby bok Choy or one large leaf and stem from large bok Choy



  • Carrot-1



  • Cherries frozen, raspberries, watermelon fresh or frozen



  • squash (zucchini or yellow) one, low on scale of allergy issues, well tolerated by most, with little taste to be challenged with as compared to broccoli which on only use up to one florets off since since strong in taste for most.



  • Water liter- 12 to 16 oz

Drink 48 to 60 oz in hour or two. That is typical breakfast

Blend with added supplements if desired (I often break open capsules into my drink so I do not have to swallow so many) and I do not have to take the capsule just the content)

I thoroughly advocate the avoidance of “Atkins type Food”, (this is backed by years of medical journal research). One important reason, (One of many) is the need to avoid foods that cause dehydration such as meat and dairy products. The reason high protein meat and dairy foods are so dehydrating is because so much water (eight times more than plant foods and carbohydrates) is required to digest and detoxify all the waste by-products (such as ammonia and uric acid). Dry complex carbohydrates such as whole grains are not as bad as meats and dairy because the complex carbohydrates require very little water for digestion. Water-rich foods already have water contained in the plant cell walls and therefore contribute, instead of take away from total body water levels.

Source by Nick Delgado PhD.