For people with kidney ailments, eating healthy is tricky. However, it is absolutely possible to maintain a wholesome diet with these vegetables on the menu:

• Red bell pepper: These peppers are low in potassium and high in flavor. The tasty vegetables are also excellent source of vitamin C, A, and B 6, as well as folic acid and fiber.

• Garlic: Roast a head of garlic or just chop it and add it to your dish. Garlic goes a long way in promoting renal health.

• Onion: For people on a healthy-kidney diet looking to add more flavor to food, use any variety of onion that you can find- they are all good for you.

• Leeks: Leeks are rich in vitamin C and help ward of a cold. Leeks belong to the same family as garlic and onion. With their high flavonoid kaempferol content, leeks keep the blood vessel lining of your heart in excellent condition. Vitamin B folate and antioxidant polyphenols are other compounds in leeks that promote heart health. Leeks also help overcome aliments such as cancer, atherosclerosis, diabetes (type-2), high blood pressure, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, and allergic airway inflammation.

• Apples: Bake them, smoke them, stew them, or eat them raw. Apples always emerge as winners when it comes to favorite renal-care foods.

Food to stay off:

While monitoring your healthy-kidney diet, it is essential to know the different foods to stay away from too! Here is a list of items that you need to ban from your kitchen it you suffer from chronic kidney ailments:

• Ice cream, chocolate, and cola;
• Beer and most alcoholic beverages;
• Coffee or any other caffeine-rich beverage;
• Oranges, potatoes, and bananas;
• Processed and salt-rich food;
• Most nuts and nut butters.

Risk factors:

More often than not, an unhealthy lifestyle leads to kidney ailments. However, there is certain other factor that increases the chances of a person suffering from kidney-related conditions. These include:

• High blood pressure: This is the second most prominant factor that causes kidney failure. It damages the tiny filters in your kidneys, resulting in kidney disease and failure.

• Diabetes: The kidneys help excrete toxins from the body. However, in case of diabetics, high blood sugar levels damage the delicate structure of the kidneys.

• Age: Those over the age of 55 are more vulnerable to suffering from a kidney ailment, there are chances that you will too. However, this can be preceded with regular check-ups and by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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