Everyone knows that working out in the gym is probably one of the fastest and most effective ways of shedding those unwanted pounds. However, not everyone who goes to the gym benefits in the same way. I have seen people who have hit the gym regularly, worked out for hours, and still failed to lose weight. I know other people who lost weight successfully, while working out less, with the help of the gym.

The difference between the two groups of people is: the former did not know what they were doing, while the latter knew it. The former did it without enjoying the session session; but the latter thoroughly enjoyed it! In this article I will offer you some sound exercise tips which, if you follow, will help you derive the maximum benefits from the gym.

1. Take rest: If you take rest in between two intestinal workout sessions, you will get better results from the exercises. After every intense workout, you should do a little warm up and some light stretching. Many people forget or ignore this part but if you do not follow this tip you will not be able to lose weight through exercise. When you rest after an intestinal workout session, it gives ample time to your body to repair the injured muscles and make your blood flow smoothly.

Thus you greatly reduce the chances of exercise-related injuries. In this period of rest you are making your muscles prepared for the next intense workout session.

2. Do not spend the entire day at gym: People who spend six hours at a stretch at gym are the same people who find exercises to be boring. Remember that you are not there to play and fool yourself around; you are there to lose weight and build muscles instead! So call it a day when you have done enough.

Do not concentrate only on the gym. Do some cardios too, such as running, walking, jogging, etc. It will accelerate the weight loss process.

3. Concentrate on two muscle groups at a time: We have two muscles groups, the major, such as lags, back, chest, and the minor, such as shoulders, triceps, biceps, etc. When working out in the gym, concentrate on two muscles groups at a time, one major and the other minor. This way you should be able to derive the maximum benefit from exercise.

4. Do weight lifting: Of all the exercises out there, weight lifting will give you the fastest results as far as weight loss is concerned. The beauty of weight lifting is that you can burn a lot of fat with a short workout session. Fifteen sets of weight lifting per day for the major muscles and nine for the minor muscles are enough for you unless you are looking forward to becoming a bodybuilder!

Source by Michael Breton