Sitting in front of a computer and spending huge amount of time browsing internet is the modern way of life. From socializing to working to shopping to passing time; we all spend an inordinate amount of time on internet. So much so that it has become hard to focus on anything else or relax without fiddling around the web world. With ever-increasing dependency on the web world, there is no escape from the internet anytime soon. From websites, to apps, to various software and tools, and work and study related stuff; internet has become a necessity for survival.

If you happen to be someone whose life pretty much centres around internet then here are 11 websites that you must bookmark and access from time to time. These websites are unlike any other; they offer a quick break from the usual internet and allow the users to relax even in a middle of a busy day in office.


This website is absolutely true to its name. It really calms you down in a busy day. It has 2 minutes to 20 minutes guided meditations that helps the users to relax while listening to some calming instrumental music and enjoying the view of an animated background. The use can choose the scenery and different scenery has different music.



Do Nothing For 2 Minutes is basically a challenge to the users. Music is played at the background and the countdown starts for 2 minutes. All you have to do it not touch your computer, even the mouse. If you fail, the countdown resets itself to 2 minutes. And, believe me it is difficult to not touch the computer for 2 minutes while sitting in front of it.


If you are feeling bogged down by all the things that are happening in your virtual social life, job, or feeling irritated in general then visit this website that has lots to offer including instant calmness. This website has multiple pages, like the quiet place, 90 seconds relaxation exercise, the thoughts room, the dawn room, and the comfort spot. Each page has different aim and caters different emotional needs of people. Worth a try!


#4. Focus@will: is for increasing your focus up to 400 percent by using phase-sequenced instrumental sounds. The music does not interfere with your work and helps to increase productivity by cancelling out all other noises.


This website lets you try out some sounds of your own while taking a quick break during work or writing your paper. This web page has 16×16 grids of small squares and as soon as you click on any of them they make a sound which is different with every square. These sounds are played on a loop creating your own composition.


Silk is for creative people. Users get to create their own artistic masterpiece using multiple colours on a dark background and also it gives you the option to save what you have created. Try this, it is interesting.


#7. Line 3D:

Line 3D helps to instantly unwind, forget about other stuff, and also increase concentration level. This web page has a 3D line and the uses travel with that line. You can see where you are heading and also can create structures using the mouse.


Another website for soothing sound of heavy rain. This is a good way to keep away any distraction while getting some important stuff done. Or, even to forget worries and just relax this is a good website.



Headspace is a guided meditation website to calm the troubled mind. It offers a free trial period of 10 days in which there are daily meditation routines of 10 minutes duration. Apart from this, there are articles, advice columns, and also a community section to help the users.


Everyone has their own creativity triggers, some prefer quiet, and others prefer noise. This website brings home the feel of a busy café. If you are working from home and needs to feel inspired then go and click on this website.



Having a gloomy or terrible or painfully hot day, then is the website for you. There is no visual or musical distraction on this website, all you get is the sound of a heavy rainfall with light thunderstorm sounds.

Next time try them and see how they work for you.