If you’re looking for a body cleanse method that does not involve starving yourself on lemonade alone, take a look at this list. I’ve compiled a list of 10 foods typically high in toxins that are easy to remove from one’s diet for a short amount of time for the purposes of a quick and easy body detox. You do not have to fast or starve to give your body the extra jump start it needs to work out all those toxins.

For at least a week, better to do two, tailor your diet to avoid the following:

1. Alcohol
Alcohol is literally a poison. That’s why you become in-toxic-aton drinking beer, wine, or liquor. Your liver is overloaded and polluted, unable to process fast enough to regulate your blood sugar and glucose levels. Alcohol is a good example of what happens to the body when it becomes over-saturated with toxic elements and is best avoided for optimal health.

2. Caffeine
While discussing drugs and stimulants, I should mention caffeine. Although it’s blasphemous in 21st Century Starbucks America, you should know that caffeine is as harmful to the system as any other addictive agent. One develops a dependency on the cocaine-like stimulation coffee and sodas can offer but it’s an unnatural additive to the bloodstream and is better left out.

3. Sugar
Granular sugars and things like high-fructose corn syrup are literally poisoning our bodies. Sugar is not bad in itself, in fact the basic nutrient we garner from foods like fruit is a form a sugar called glucose. But it promises to clog up the body in over-abundant amounts.

4. Wheat Flour
Not something we evolved to be able to consume necessarily and is that a little more difficult for our bodies to process.

5. Red Meat
Meat in general is something we grow up believing is necessary for health but in truth, it’s not. You can get proteins from a number of sources without the heavy, cumbersome flesh of animals sitting in your stomach and processing through your liver.

6. Salt
With the explosion of salty chips and snacks as well as carbonated sodas and soft drinks, our culture is highly over-saturated with sodium, which is a nasty body toxifier.

7. Canned or Packaged Food
Anything that can be canned or (worse) packaged in plastic, has preservatives added to it. These are usually bad and should be avoided for a good detox.

8. Cream
Milk and Dairy products are laden down with excess fats and oils that really clog up the arteries and bloodstreams.

9. Fried Food
Anything cooked in fatty oil or grease is a terrible addition to the body. Grill your food or bake it instead.

10. Butter or Margarine
You thought you could get away with it because I did not list it with Dairy. Wrong! :)

A quick week of eliminating all counts of these foods will make for a comfortable and effective whole body cleanse .

Source by Joshua Ryan