Sarees might be considered the most traditional Indian outfit. One of the reasons for the enduring and universal popularity of this garment is the fact this has been embroidered by high fashion designers with more modern and western sensibilities. Along with many beautiful, traditional varieties there are also many glamorous and modern varieties of sarees available in the market. Women with different tastes and fashion sensibilities love wearing a saree because of its unmatched elegance and beauty. Sarees have become a common sight, not just at Indian weddings or ceremonies, but also at glamorous parties or evening soirees. These are some tips on how to wear and pull off the latest party wear sarees:

Lehenga Sarees

This saree essentially combines the look of a saree with the structure of a lehenga for girls. It comes with a pre-pleated ‘lehenga’ or skirt which simply has to be slipped on and tucked in place, with the pallu part being draped across the torso and over the shoulder. Easy to wear and simple to carry, lehenga sarees are one of the most popular new types of garments in the Indian fashion market. They combine the elegant and glamorous look of a saree with the comfort and flexibility of a lehenga for girls. Another big draw is that it is not that difficult to find lehenga sarees with price tags that do not burn a hole in the pocket. They tend to be much more affordable than the expensive, traditional sarees or the high end designer garments, which is why they are also among the most popular latest wedding sarees. Whatever special occasion they are being worn for, lehenga sarees should be properly accessorized with jewelry that matches the work on the outfit. High heels and an embellished clutch are essential additions to this ensemble.

Net Sarees

These are one of the most sensual and glamorous latest party wear sarees. Made with the transparent net fabric, they often come with large and ornate borders. The contrast of the shining borders with the thin and crispy net material creates a very beautiful aesthetic for the garment. These are also considered latest wedding sarees because of their rich appearance, though for weddings, they tend to be paired up with traditional, brocade blouses. For parties, women can go all out with the sensuality factor and opt for sleeve less, spaghetti or halter neck blouses. Modern, glitzy jewelry like large gemstone studded necklaces, chandelier earrings and diamond bracelets will pair well with the slightly modern glam vibe of these latest party wear sarees.

Dual Tone Sarees

For those who prefer chic, light-weight garments to heavy and ornate outfits, dual tone saris are a great option. They tend to be made of fine, modern materials like chiffon, georgette or tissue which drape the body beautifully. Dual tone saris, as the name suggests, have two colors prominently displayed on the saree, typically with the top half being a different color than the bottom half. These latest party wear sarees should be paired with pearls and silver jewelry that is not too heavy or large.

Source by Hemant Jain