The music at a rave makes you want to shake a leg. Even if you have two left feet you will end up swaying to the music. Apart from the groovy music played at a rave, you will find individuals dressed in clothes that make heads turn. The clothes worn at a rave differ among women. This article shares tips on what to wear for a rave party.

Although there are different styles and designs of clothing that can be worn at a rave, the most important thing is to ensure the clothes worn are comfortable. If you are an individual that sweats profusely it is recommended you wear clothes that are loose rather than ones that are too tight or cling to the body. How to wear for a rave party depends on an individual’s preference of style. If it’s an open air rave, individuals can experiment with different types of figure hugging dresses because humidity levels are lower than enclosed spaces. In other words, you can expect it to be hot due to the enclosed space and temperature from all of the other bodies. Use of different light effects is common at raves. Dresses and costumes that glow under lights are popular at raves.

Most teenagers prefer to wear strapless dresses as they are comfortable and do not cause a hindrance when one decides to dance. Avoid wearing shoulder strap dresses at a rave. When you move, move, or dance to the tune of music, most times, shoulder straps slip off the shoulder. It gets irritating adjusting shoulder straps every time they fall off the shoulder. If you wear shoulder straps that are too tight, do not be surprised if you cause them to snap trying a new dance move. If you want to be noticed make sure you wear flashy colored clothing. Dresses that have dual aesthetics are extremely popular at raves. How to wear for a rave party depends a lot on an individual’s body structure as well.

If you’ve got broad hips and an overly large posterior avoid dresses that are skin tight and throw spotlight on those areas. It can be an annoying horrific sight when you move your body at tempos above 180bpm in such dresses. Opt for flowing dresses that conceal problem areas, they are comfortable and look aesthetically beautiful at raves. Long hippy skirts are an excellent choice for a rave. Several teens and older women love to wear rave clothes like long frilly skirts because of their comfort and stylish drape. Women can refer to fashion magazines, books or the internet to get an idea on what to wear for a rave party.

The footwear you wear should of course be comfortable. Avoid stilettos, high heel boots and other footwear that have long heels. Women can twist or hurt their legs when they dance in high heeled footwear. Wear footwear with flat platforms. Flip flops or stylish colorful sneakers are comfortable for dancing and an excellent choice for raves. Accessories that glitter and shine are also popular at raves. However, you have to be aware of the fact that you might lose a flip flop or even have someone step on it causing an injury to you or someone else, be warned when trying to pick out our shoes for the night, as this can be one of the most important decisions you will make for the night. For women that want to exhibit certain areas of their body, what you wear at a rave party large depends on how comfortable you feel wearing a revealing dress. Mini skirts with short tops too are popular garments at raves. Whatever clothing you wear at a rave, make sure you are comfortable in it.

Source by Manny Charro Ramirez