Stretch Your Current Wardrobe

Worried about the economy? Your wardrobe does not have to add more stress. Here are five great ways to get more looks out of what you already have.

1. Add a scarf. SCARVES are HOT! They add color, keep you warm, and an interesting one can be purchased for about $ 20. Better then jewelry, they are functional and get you noticed.

2. Raid a friend’s jewelry box. Your trash may be a friend’s treasure. Buy a new basic and then ask a friend to borrow accessories she no longer wears.

3. Match new combinations. Today’s style is all about layering. Pick up inexpensive short or long sleeve t-shirts and put them under your summer favorites, add bright legging with sweaters for something new and top it off with a scarf, or layer t-shirts and show a rainbow of colors at your neckline.

4. Go for quality not quantity. Opt for wool or cotton sweaters on the racks that will last three or four seasons, rather than acrylic that will lose its shape before the season is out. Stick with basic colors like black, navy or brown and then change out the accessories over the seasons.

5. Opt for a new sweater over another pair of jeans. While the manufacturers entice shoppers with new cuts and washes, jeans are jeans after all. With limited dollars, update your wardrobe with a new and distinct top, rather than more denim.

Five Fashions For Fall

Scarves. Stripes, prints, rich colors. Wrap them around your neck for color and style.

Wide-legged jeans. Comfy and a change from bootcut. Do not go overboard on these. One pair is plenty.

Leggings. They’re back and fun! Raspberry, turquoise, bright yellow. Go wild for less than $ 20 a pair.

New Shapes. Black sweaters are here to stay, but this year’s models offer new twists: longer, double-breasted, belled sleeves.

Layering. T-shirt with a t-shirt, long sleeves with short sleeves. Be daring, and comfortable, and use color to make your personal statements.

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Source by Janet Polach