With winters come the absolute chills, hot coffees, teas, and some brandy for the inside and, leather jackets and boots, and warm knitted sweaters, caps and mufflers to flaunt on the outside.

It’s fun to bundle up in layers of warm clothing, socks, gloves and what not. But this winter, you can make your nails look all warmed up too, meaning your nails can adorn the knitted sweater look!

This all new stylish kind of nail art technique known as sweater nail art celebrates the winter warmth in all its glory. It gives the classic cable knit effect, something like a knitted or crochet look.

And, this design has already charmed the Insta users. Though it looks a little complicated, but the result make it worth all the efforts!

Here are some of the prettiest sweater nail art picks from Instagram.

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Cover Image Courtesy: izabela_pustelnik