Nails are the first thing that gets noticed by anyone and everyone. In fact, many people deliberately notice nails of others just to know how much hygiene conscious they are and how well maintained their fingers and hands are. Though it is essential to maintain clean and healthy nails but doing so is not easy as nails of your hands happens to be one of the most exposed organs of the body. And, because your fingers are the most active body parts, your fingertips and nails automatically end up taking maximum load including dirt, pollution, and daily irritants.

Here are a couple of easy nail care tips to keep your nails and fingers clean, shining, healthy, and beautiful:

#1. Keep It Clean:

First and foremost, keep your fingers and nails clean by washing your hands with soap and also use a soft brush. Also, scrub your nails and the skin around your nails to remove dirt and traces of your previous nail paint.

#2. Cut Nails After Bath:

The best time to trim your nails without cracking them is right after taking a bath. Water makes your nails pliable and easy to trim without cracking them. In case, you forgot to cut your nails after a bath, just soak your fingers in water and then cut your nails.

#3. Caring For Cuticles:

After cutting your nails push back the cuticles using a cuticle stick to give your fails proper and beautiful shape. If your cuticles are dry and cracking then use moisturiser regularly to make them soft and crack free. Indeed, moisturising your fingers and nails should be a routine.

#4. Carefully Pick Your Tools:

The market is full of manicure kits and tools, but be careful while picking them to use. Try not to use metal nail tools and go for soft tools. Though, the metal ones last longer but they can also pose a threat to your nails and skins around it.

#5. Choose Nail Polish Carefully:

Use nail paints regularly to better protect your nails. Nail polish covers your nails from external dirt, prevents chipping of nails, and also there is nail hardening polish available in the market that eventually hardens your natural nails. However, ones every week take off your nail polish and let your nails relax.

#6. Health Before Length:

If breakage is an issue with you then keep your nails short rather than long. Short nails are easy to manage, protect, and also comfortable to maintain. In fact, short nails to easy to clean and you can skip a couple of manicure sessions with short nails.

#7. Protein Rich Diet:

Finally, nails are made of keratin, a type of protein. Thus, consuming protein rich food will help your nails to be strong, healthy, and have better growth. You can go for beans, nuts, fish, egg and a whole lot of protein rich food to get better nails, beautiful hair and flawless skin.

Now, excuse me I have to go and moisture my fingers now.